Castel Brunico MMM

Brunico Castle is located on an easily accessible hill above the city of Brunico (Bruneck, in German).

The episcopal castle overtowers the roofs of the city of Brunico as if still today it had to mount guard on the inhabitants. Bishop Bruno von Kirchberg had the castle constructed between 1251 and 1288 in order to have his territory protected in Val Pusteria. At the same time he also started building a city at the foot of this mighty building, which were the foundations of the city of Brunico. Already in the 14th century the castle was enlarged by Bishop Albert von Enn, who also had a circular wall built round the fortress. Under the rule of various other bishops the castle was repeatedly enlarged in the following centuries.

Only Archbishop Christoph von Schroffenstein had the castle changed to its residence. Under this bishop the castle also became its present form. The late Gothic southern portal dating back to 1584 AD, which once upon a time was only accessible via a drawbridge, represents the main entrance of the castle. Behind this gate a mighty donjon rises, which is the most ancient part of the castle. Inside you can also see numerous coats of arms of the bishops who resided in Castel Brunico in the course of time. However, great parts of the frescoes in the building are dulled and no longer recognizable. Nevertheless the special atmosphere every year attracts a large number of peope to the hill above the chief city of Val Pusteria. Also events such as seminars, special adventure days for kids and concerts are staged in the castle.

In 2011 the extreme alpinist Reinhold Messner inaugurated his fifth museum of the six “Messner Mountain Museums”, MMM Ripa. It is an interactive museum, which is above all dedicated to mountain people such as the Sherpa, Mongols or Hunza and offers the permanent exhibition “The heritage of the Mountain”.

Messner Mountain Museum Ripa - opening hours and admission

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