Historic district and arcades of Bolzano

Old meets new in the heart of the main town of South Tyrol: Bolzano is also called the city of contrasts.

The first settlement in the rather marshy basin has been located in the surroundings of the Dome of Bolzano. It is also presumed that there has been a castle called Bolzano at the Virgolo hill. Today you can experience the unique South Tyrolean flair in the city centre.

The historic district, so to speak the old town, is a popular meeting point for shopping and strolling. The romantic alleys provide a special atmosphere and numerous bars, restaurants and cafés invite you stop to have a drink and to have a pleasant chat with friends. Numerous monuments remind on important moments in history, e.g. the Victory Monument in Piazza della Vittoria. The centre is also characterised by other attractions such as the Dome and Piazza Walther. A very important citizen of Bolzano is also Oetzi, the Ice Man, exhibited in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in the city centre.

The arcades of Bolzano are considered to be the actual trade centre of the city. It is a lovely shopping road, which is reserved for pedestrians and which has been provided with round archs. This is where people meet to go shopping, or simply to enjoy strolling from shopwindow to shopwindow. At the west end of the arcades, there is the Fruit Market in Piazza delle Erbe, another highlight of the centre. This is where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetable as well as flowers the whole year round.

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