Along the Waalweg path from Verdins to Scena

This expansive but comfortable walking tour at the slopes above Verdins and Scena is really nice in autumn and spring.

Like the other villages in the western South Tyrol, also Scena near Merano has a Waal, an irrigation channel, which is used for watering the fields. Along the Scena Waal a beautiful path with low ascents proceeds at the edge of the forest and leads us also to gorgeous viewpoints across the valleys. Starting point of our walk is Verdins, a district of Scena, which is accessible also by public transfer (only few minutes from Merano). At the church we follow path no. 16 uphill across the meadows until we reach the junction with the Waalweg path at about 1,050 m asl. Here we walk towards the “Talstation Taser”. The gurgling Waal accompanies us down to the Hasenegg Restaurant, where we have to walk along the road for a short section.

Alternately through woods and meadows we soon reach the valley station of the Taser Cable Car. After crossing the Schnuggenbach stream we walk further to the Brunjaun snack bar and towards San Giorgo. Here it would be possible, to descend to Scena. Those who want to discover the entire Waalweg path, can walk through orchards and woods until the Naifschlucht gorge, a nice route always slightly downhill. In the Naifschlucht gorge we descend to the valley station of the Merano 2000 Cable Car. From here we come back to Scena either on foot along the Goyenweg path or by public bus.

Our tip: The best seasons for this hike are spring and autumn, in summer mostly it’s too hot. Moreover in these seasons you can enjoy either the apple blossom or the Törggele tradition in autumn. Along the path resp. in close vicinity there are various snack bars, farm inns and restaurants.

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If you want to do this walking tour, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Verdins near Scena (village centre)
Destination: Val di Nova valley, Merano 2000 Cable Car, valley station
Markers: 16, Schenner Waalweg, 3A
Distance: approx. 8 km
Walking time: about 3 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 210 m uphill (from Verdins to the Waal), 410 m downhill
Altitude difference: between 670 and 1,055 m asl.
Experienced in: beginning of November 2015

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