Tappeiner promenade and Lagundo Waalweg path

From the promenade in Merano to the apple and wine area of Lagundo: an 8 km long tour across the natural landscape in the surroundings of Merano.

We chose the S. Nicolò church in the historic district of Merano as starting point of our walk from the promenades of Merano to the Lagundo Waalweg path. Across the alleys of Steinach, the oldest quarter of Merano, we pass the Porta Passirio city gate towards Monte San Zeno and follow the indication “Gilfpromenade” to the Torre Polveriera (Pulverturm).

We proceed the way up on stone-flagged steps, flanked by ancient murals and vineyards. The view of Maia Alta turns towards west at the tower and we can look down on the parish church and the historic town of Merano. Now we stand at the beginning of the Tappeinerweg promenade.

Towards west, the Tappeiner promenade stretches along the Küchlberg mountain, along the park and garden scenery created by the physician and botanist Dr. Franz Tappeiner, who died in 1902. Here you can soak up the sun and it seems to feel a gentle breeze from the seaside. Well, there is no seaside in Merano, instead we can enjoy the view of the Val d’Adige with its beautiful mountain scenery in the surroundings. Along our way, there are diverse cafés and taverns where you can stop and enjoy the sun. After a walk of about one hour, we reach Quarazze.

This is where the Tappeiner Waalweg path ends. We follow the road that leads up to the village of Tirolo, for several hundred metres, then the pending bridge towards the Lagundo Waalweg path (Roggia di Lagundo) branches off. This path stretches along the sun-drenched irrigation canal across the landscape at the edge of the forest, lined by vineyards and fruit orchards. Past Lagundo, Plars di Mezzo and Plars di Sopra we reach the end of the trail, only a stone’s throw from Tel. From here we take the bus to go back to our starting point.

Author: AT

Length of the track: 8.4 km (each direction)
Walking time: about 2.5 hours (each direction)
Altitude difference: about 145 m
Altitude: 340 - 475 m asl
Possibilities to stop: several along the path
Degree of difficulty: easy walking trail
Signpost: Tappeinerweg, Algunder Waalweg
Important advice: easy walk, also for kids, well-indigated, ideal in April, May and autumn. It is possible to travel back to the starting point by means of public transport, or to walk only sections of the trail (accesses at Quarazze and Plars di Mezzo).

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