Walking to the “Knottnkino”

South Tyrol’s natural outdoor cinema offers a view on the great outdoors! We present the easy trail to the panoramic point above Merano.

Those hiking from the large parking site behind the “Grüner Baum” inn in Verano along path no. 12A, will soon get to a little fork. Here they turn left, hike further upwards and arrive to a special natural highlight: the so-called “Knottnkino”.

At an altitude of 1,465 m you will find South Tyrol’s only Knottnkino, with “Knottn” meaning rocks and “Kino” meaning cinema. That’s it, a fabulous cinema high above on the rocks of Verano. But I’m not talking about a normal kind of cinema, as the movie you will be watching is… nature itself!

A breath-taking view of the entire Val d’Adige valley and the Gruppo di Tessa mountains is waiting for you. Definitely worth watching I’d say!

The estimated walking time from and to the “Grüner Baum” inn amounts to 2 ½ hours. Those looking for a slightly shorter hike might choose an inn called “Alpenrose” as their starting point.

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Falzeben: Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Avelengo - Falzeben - Merano 2000
    from 12/16/17 to 12/23/17
    7 nights from 658 € per person

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