Ortles Alps

The Ortles Alps, an alpenstock which is 50 km long and 40 km wide and includes nearly 100 glaciers, is dominated by the almost 4,000 m high “King Ortles”.

The Ortles Alps delimit the Val Venosta towards south and comprises the glacial area from Passo dello Stelvio to the Val Martello in South Tyrol and the Passo del Tonale in Trentino. Nearly all of the moutain chain belongs to the Stelvio National Park.

The highest peak of the mountain range is the 3,905 m high Ortles. This majestic mountain is completely situated on South Tyrolean territory. Its three striking chines, the east, north and south chine, characterise this mountain, which, according to legends, is a giant that turned into stone. A total of about 70 mountain peaks feature more than 3,000 metres, while “King Ortles” is the highest peak of the whole region.

Other major peaks of the Ortles Alps are Gran Zebrù (3,851 m asl), Mt Cevedale (3,778 m asl), Palòn de la Mare (3,703 m asl) and Cima di Trafoi (3,565 m asl).

Highest peak: Ortles (3,905 m asl), first ascent on September 27, 1804, by Josef Pichler
Major mountains: Mt Cevedale, Gran Zebrù, Mt Zebrù, Palòn de la Mare, Cima di Trafoi, Punta Thurwieser
Area: South Tyrol, Trentino, Sondrio (all of them in Italy), Grisons (Switzerland)

  1. Cevedale Group

    Cevedale Group

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  5. Ortles


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  6. Gioveretto Group

    Gioveretto Group

    The mountain crest, which separates the Val d’Ultimo from the Val Venosta, is…

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