On the pilgrimage path from Laives to Pietralba

The ancient pilgrimage path from Laives (Leifers) up to the worldwide known Monastery of Pietralba (Maria Weißenstein) is a real hiking highlight.

We start at the church of Laives, proceeding along the road until the bridge near the house “Emmaus”, where the actual pilgrimage path starts. The first section through the forest up to the Franzenberg mountain is quite rough, then an asphalted part until the small church of San Pietro (St. Peter am Kofel) follows, which is the landmark of Laives. From here the path winds up to the Franzenberg mountain along the pilgrimage stations until the former guest house “Halbweg”. Now we have reached an altitude of 1,000 metres, much of the ascent is managed.

After a flat section a steep one follows again, we walk along the hillside of the Brantental valley until the guest house “Munter” (three-quarters of the hike is done). Here we cross the road to Nova Ponente (Deutschnofen) in order to climb up the last part of our hike. We pass a high pile of stones which were carried up by pilgrims all the steep path to do penance, an old rite. And suddenly, out of the woods, the gorgeous monastery complex is in front of us, located amidst an alpine meadow.

After a visit to the monastery and a deserved rest in the guest house we also want to watch the hermitage of Leonardo (15 minutes walk). Amidst the forest we find small huts and a chapel, dedicated to the founder of the monastery, the farmer Leonhard Weißensteiner: here the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him.

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Notice: If you want to do this walking tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Laives (church)
Markers: Weißensteiner road, 1
Distance: 11 km (each direction)
Walking time: 4 hours. (ascent)
Altitude difference: 1,290 m
Altitude level: 257 to 1,523 m asl.
Experienced in: May 2011
Best time to do: spring until autumn
Notes: alternative return to Laives by public service buses is possible
Further information:: tourist association Laives – Bronzolo – Vadena, phone: +39 0471 950 420

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