Mountain hike from Tirolo to the Casera Superiore

Mountain hike via the Dosso della Muta (Mutkopf) through the Val Sopranes until the Laghi di Sopranes lakes.

Our starting point is Tirolo (Dorf Tirol) where we take the Tirolo – Muta funicular up to 1,400 m asl. Above the famous farms of Muta (Muthöfe) and past the guest house Steinegg we walk along the marker no. 22 towards the Dosso della Muta. It’s a bright day, the view on Tirolo, Merano, the Val Venosta and the Val d’Adige is gorgeous. A steep and rocky path leads upwards towards the Monte Muta (Mutspitze). But we are not climbing that high – at the next turnoff we follow the path no. 22 to the Laghi di Sopranes lakes.

Below us we watch the Val Sopranes which is located deeply in the mountains of the Tessa group, the Malga Bocker and Malga Casera (mountain huts) where a wild mountain stream passes by. At around 2,000 m asl. we have reached the timberline, a rocky landscape surrounds us. On the poor grassland cows graze, goats are climbing on the steep cliffs. We walk up and down, the path consists of plenty of steps.

2 ½ hours walk later we reach the Passo di Vizze (Pfitscherjöchl) at 2,150 m asl. In front of us the clear Lago di Vizze lake, the most southern one of the Laghi di Sopranes. Shortly afterwards the small Lago di Casera lake follows which is located below the Malga Casera Superiore (Oberkaser), a popular rest stop. It is too late for an ascent up to the higher lakes, so we take a short rest at the Lago di Casera and walk back to Tirolo. This described route is the easiest one to reach the Laghi di Sopranes – virgin nature and amazing views on the area of Merano will be remembered.

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Notice: If you want to do this mountain hike please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Tirolo (funicular valley station)
Route: Muta – Dosso della Muta – Laghi di Sopranes
Markers: 22, Laghi di Sopranes, Casera Superiore
Walking time: 2.5 - 3 hours (each direction)
Experienced in: July 2010
Family-friendly? Recommended only for trained and sure-footed children!
Further information: tourist association Tirolo, phone: +39 0473 923314,

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