Hiking along the Marlengo Waalweg path

Walking across vineyards and meadows along a very popular path in Marlengo.

The so called “Waale” are irrigation canals which were built in the past to irrigate the cultivated fields in dry areas. Next to these canals there was a small and narrow path which was used to control these irrigation canals. Today, however, these Waal paths are popular destinations for pleasant walks. One of these Waal paths is the “Marlengo Waalweg”, which is also the longest in South Tyrol with a trail length of 12 km.

This irrigation canal has been built about 250 years ago and still passes through the original way. The “Marlinger Waalweg” starts at Tel and snakes its way above the localities of Foresta, Marlengo and Cermes and terminates at Lana. On its way the path crosses vineyards and meadows covered by fruit trees. Along the path there are several possibilities to stop for a bite to eat. Another highlight along the path is Monteleone Castle, a majestic castle dating back to the 13th century. Walks along the “Marlinger Waalweg” are particularly pleasant in spring and autumn, but also in hot summer days, as the path is quite shady. It is especially suitable for a family walk.

By the way: a 2 km long trail is marked as adventure trail along which you can learn more about the biosphere forest, the sound of different stones and the annual rings of trees.

Walking time: about 3 hours
Difference in altitude: ascend 85 m, descend 280 m
Altitude: 326 - 524 m asl
Possible stops: numerous along the path
Degree of difficulty: easy
Signposts: 29, Marlinger Waalweg
Please note: easy walk, also suitable for children, well marked, best time april, may or autumn. For the return it is possible to use public transport (bus/train).

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