The Meadow Path near Scena

In April, when the apple trees are in full bloom, this comfortable circular walk along the Meadow Path near Scena is more than ideal.

Our starting point for this walking tour is the junction to Scena on the road to Avelengo. To the left the Meadow Path (“Alte Straße”) branches off and winds up the hill, through fruit orchards and vineyards. After about 1 km (at the level of the Eschenlohe Hotel) we keep right and follow first the Scena road and then the Goyenweg (marker “San Giorgo”). Past the viewpoint “Kampfelkreuz” we reach the idyllic village of San Giorgo with the famous round church. Now we are at 700 m asl., the highest point of our tour today.

Afterwards we walk downhill: the meadow path winds through fruit groves towards north and crosses finally the road to Verdins. Past Tor Castle – surrounded by blooming apple trees – we proceed further to Scena, where the Meadow Path leads us right through the village centre (here also marked with 10 A) and proceeds until the south westerly hill, which we walk along back to the junction to Scena, our starting point.

The Meadow Path especially in spring is a comfortable walking tour, with lots of gorgeous views on Merano and surroundings. As it is a circular route it can be started at any point along the path.

Author: AT

Starting point: junction to Scena
Route: Meadow Path – S. Giorgo – Tor Castle – Scena – Meadow Path
Experienced in: April 2014
Distance: approx. 8.5 km in total
Walking time: about 2.5 h
Altitude difference: approx. 350 m
Altitude level: between 470 and 730 m asl.
Notice: ideal in spring and autumn, not recommended on hot summer days!

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