Hiking in Val d’Ultimo and Alta Val di Non

The valley Val d’Ultimo enchants with its rustic charm and old farm houses, offering a big variety of walking and hiking trails.

With the Santa Maria lake, the Fontana Bianca lake, the hiking trail leading form Procupola to the Außerschwemmalm mountain hut and the “Ultner Höfeweg“ farm trail, the Val d’Ultimo and the Alta Val di Non enchant the heart of every hiking passionate. Mountain lakes, green pasture land, romantic forests and meadows full of flowers … what else could you desire for a perfect hiking holiday?

  1. To the Covolo lakes

    To the Covolo lakes

    Passing several alpine pastures and lakes and climbing the peak of Mount Gran Ladro…
  2. Walking-tour to hut Canziani at Lago Verde

    Walking-tour to hut Canziani at Lago Verde

    This hike in Val d’Ultimo gives us an amazing view to the surrounding 3,000 meter peaks.
  3. Hiking tour around the pastures of Proves

    Hiking tour around the pastures of Proves

    For centuries the area south-westerly of the Passo Castrin is used as Alpine…
  4. Hiking tour to Lake Tret

    Hiking tour to Lake Tret

    On a very hot spring day, we decide to hike to Lake Tret, which expects us with…
  5. Hiking on the Val d’Ultimo farms trail

    Hiking on the Val d'Ultimo farms trail

    Starting at the museum of the Val d’Ultimo in S. Nicolò, we hike on the farms trail…
  6. Dinosaur trail “Triassic Parc”

    Dinosaur trail "Triassic Parc"

    Retracing the age of dinosaurs, that’s what you can do in Val d’Ultimo and Alta Val…

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Gschwangut:

    Lana - Lana di Mezzo
    from 04/02/18 to 04/16/18
    7 nights from 590 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Unterpichl

    Hotel Unterpichl

  2. Hotel Arosea

    Hotel Arosea

  3. Erlebnishotel Waltershof

    Erlebnishotel Waltershof

  4. Hotel Torgglerhof

    Hotel Torgglerhof

  5. Hotel Schneeberg

    Hotel Schneeberg

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