Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park

The Texel Group Nature Park stretches from the Val Senales and Val Passiria valleys to the Alpine divide and can be best discovered along the Merano High Route.

Also known as the Texel Group Nature Park, the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park - “Naturpark Texelgruppe” in German, “Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa” in Italian - includes the name-giving Texel Group as well as parts of the Oetztal Alps - the Senales Ridge and the Gurgl Ridge - and Stubai Alps with the area of the Passo del Rombo mountain pass. The reserve covers the following municipalities in the western part of South Tyrol: Senales, Naturno, Parcines, Lagundo, Tirolo, Rifiano, San Martino and Moso in Passiria.

Among the most famous attractions of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park are the Sopranes Lakes as well as the Parcines Waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls of the Alpine area, especially when the snow melts in spring. The water plunges 97 metres from a cliff face.

An interesting walkabout such as a tour of several days along the Merano High Route shows you the beauty of the protected area. Furthermore, there’s the “Val di Fosse” adventure trail which leads from the parking space at the Malga Casera di Fuori mountain hut in the Val di Fosse (Pfossental), a tributary valley of the Val Senales, past the Malga Casera di Mezzo and Malga Rableid mountain huts to the Maso Gelato farm, 5 km away from the starting point.

Founded in: 1976
Surface: 31,391 hectares
Altitude difference: 2,857 m
Area: Val Senales valley, Val Passiria valley, Merano and surroundings
Visitor centre: in Naturno, further information point in Moso in Passiria

  1. Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre

    Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre

    One of the main topics in the Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre is water, in line with…
  2. Flora and fauna

    Flora and fauna

    Extensive larch forests prevail in the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park - the Val…

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