Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park

The Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park stretches from the Val Senales and Val Passiria to the main Alpine crest.

Also known as the Texel Group Nature Park, it includes the Texel Group as well as the Oetztal and Stubai Alps, and covers the following municipalities in the western part of South Tyrol: Senales, Naturno, Parcines, Lagundo, Tirolo, Rifiano, S. Martino and Moso in Passiria. An interesting walkabout such as a 5-days tour along the Merano high alpine path shows you the beauty of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park.

The nature park is home above all to those animals preferring a rather mild climate such as the crag martin - did you know that this is the most northern region the Eurasian crag martin is living in? Moreover you might see the European mantis, the red squirrel and the common raven. Even such reptiles as the asp viper or the western green lizard live in this area, mainly on the steppe-like slopes of Monte Sole in Val Venosta.

The nature park is rich in water. Particularly worth mentioning are the 10 Lakes of Sopranes, the largest high alpine lake plateau in South Tyrol which has its origin in glaciers. Among the most famous attractions of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park is also the Parcines waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls of the Alpine area, especially when the snow melts in spring. The water plunges 97 metres from a cliff face.

Founded in: 1976
Surface: 31,391 hectares
Altitude difference: 2,857 m
Area: Val Senales, Val Passiria, Merano and surroundings
Visitor centre: in Naturno

  1. Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre

    Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre

    One of the main topics in the Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre at Naturno is about water.

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