Walk on the St. Martin’s-path at Cologna

A pleasant walk on a very special path for children and adults.

It’s a bright day in December and we want to enjoy the sun. So we decide to walk round the village of Cologna because even in this period of the year this area is reached by the sun.

At Cologna we take the path of St. Martin. This is a spiritual path which combines the elements of God, nature and experience. It was founded in 2008 by the Catholic Youth Organisation and the Boy Scouts of South Tyrol. Our starting point is the guest house “Plattner” at Clogna di Sopra (1,047 m asl.). We have to walk through the forest to reach the entrance of the St. Martin’s-Path. In total we will find 11 stations on the path, which can not only be watched but also experienced actively. The well known holy St. Martin is the patron of Cologna and leads us along the path.

At the station 10 we find a very special viewpoint with a gorgeous view on the Valle dell’Adige. The Flak-Ruin, the prayer mill and plenty of seats invite us to take a rest.
Then we reach the last station no. 11 and start our way home.

A bright winter-day with lots of amazing experiences for us and our children!

Author: ED

Notice: If you would like to do this walk please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Guest house Plattner, Cologna di Sopra (1.047 m asl.)
Route: Martinsweg (St. Martin’s-Path)
Walking time: 2 h
Altitude difference: approx. 150 m
Distance: approx. 4 km
Experienced in: December 2010
Family-friendly? Very much! The path was made for children and invites them to experience and play.
Further information: Tourist board San Genesio, phone: +39 0471 354196, info@jenesien.net

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