Walk to the Parcines waterfall

Via the Montesole of Parcines to Tablà and further on to the famous natural monument in the Valle di Tel, the waterfall of Parcines.

It is a sunny autumn day, on which we decide to do walk on the Montesole of Parcines, to the impressive waterfall of the village. The centre of Parcines, we walk along the road to the Valle di Tel, then we take the right and follow the signpost to the so-called Waalweg of Parcines. After almost one km, on the left the path to Tablà branches off (signpost Sagenweg). The narrow, partially steep hiking trail takes us through a broad-leaf forest and mixed forest and finally to the mountain village of Tablà at the Montesole.

At the Gasthaus Prünster, we make a break and enjoy the sunny view of the valley and the foothills of the Ortles mountain range, located on the opposite side of the valley. Then we follow the signpost “waterfall/Wasserfall”. We proceed the way down into the Valle di Tel, up to the Gasthaus Wasserfall. From this place, only a few minutes to the viewpoint, directly under the almost 100 m high waterfall, are left.

In order to conclude our round tour, we walk the direct path down to Parcines (the lower part proceeds on the asphalted road), past the high-rope course and the chestnut trees in the vicinity of the village.

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Please note: before you would like to do this tour, inform yourselves about the current conditions.

Starting point: Parcines (centre)
Route: Parcines - Valle di Tel - Waalweg - Sagenweg - Tablà - waterfall - Parcines
Singpost: waterfall, Partschinser Waalweg, Sagenweg, 1, 23, waterfall (Wasserfall), 8b, 8, 1
Altitude difference: about 620 m
Altitude: between 650 and 1.190 m
Length of the trail: about 7 km
Walking time: about 3 hours
Experienced: October 2013

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