May walk in the Val Fusca

Cosy walk along the Monte di Mezzo of Caldaro, retracing the reawakening nature in the deciduous woods.

A little distance from the common hiking routes Valle della Primavera (spring valley) and Castelchiaro, there is the Val Fusca, which emerged at the end of the ice age when the glacial tongue of the Lake Caldaro retreated. It lies in a fairytale location underneath the Monte di Mezzo of Caldaro.

Starting point is the so-called Kreither Sattel, also called “Koyotenpass” or “Much”, about 50 m in the west of the mountain pass. The access to the forested trail is not marked and first takes us through a vineyards in northern direction, then the narrow path stretches through the forest and Macchia landscape along the southern slope of the Monte di Sotto. After a short stage the way up, the forested trail “Valplontal - Steintal” is reached. We follow this path towards north, traverse a the little “Steintal” valley, then the path joins the Monte di Sotto/Unterberg path.

Walking down, we reach the junction to the forested road “Fuscaleital” (mark 19), leading to the south. Above the village of Campi al Lago, the path no. 19 diverts from the broad forested road, leading us back to the Kreither Sattel. The last 500 m stretch through the forest, then on the forested road, before reaching the Kreither Sattel. Especially in the last stage of the walk you can enjoy a great view of the Lago di Caldaro lake, the surrounding mountains up to the Monte Bondone near Trento.

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Starting point: Kreither Sattel near Campi al Lago
Signpost: forested road Valplon - Monte di Sotto, Val Fusca (n° 19)
Experienced: May 2013
Length of the course: about 6 km
Walking time: about 2 hours
Altitude difference: about 210 m
Altitude: between 290 and 540 m asl

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