Karlspromenade and Novacella monastery

Easy spring walk in the surroundings of Bressanone, a discovery journey retracing nature and culture in the Valle Isarco valley.

This walk stretches from Millan across the broadleaf forest down to the Rienza gorge and further on to the Stulles, a quarter belonging to Bressanone. Finally we walk along the Isarco river up to Novacella, where the widely known Benedictine monastery can be visited.

We start in Millan and walk to the former parish church Maria am Sand, located above the village. In this place the promenade called Karlspromenade starts. Following the signposts, we walk across the forest, where it is less dense you can enjoy a fabulous view of the city of Bressanone. Finally the path descents towards the gorge of the Rienza river, where on the Andreas Hofer bridge you change road side. After a short ascent, we reach the road no. 1, leading to the historic district of Stulles. Across a little alley, we walk along the course of the Rienza river, down to its outlet into the Isarco river.

Even if the city centre of Bressanone, with dome and parish church, are located right at the other side of the river, we proceed on the promenade and walk towards north. So we leave the city and reach the walking and cycling trail, leading to Novacella. The mighty monastery complex is the destination of our walk and is absolutely worth a visit.

This easy walk takes us from ancient cultural attractions and religion to an area that is characterised by agriculture and nature, in the surroundings of Bressanone, and comprises also less known places. By the way: if you don’t want to return on foot to your starting point, you can take the local Citybus.

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Starting point: Millan (parish church Maria am Sand)
Signposts: Karlspromenade (K), Seeburg, no 1, Novacella
Walking time: about 2 hours (one way)
Length of the course: 8 km (one way)
Altitude difference: about 190 m
Altitude: between 580 and 660 m asl
Experienced: April 2013
Indication: ideal in spring and atumn, not recommendable on hot summer days

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