To the Lago del Marmo lake near Valles

High routes, alpine meadows, a mountain lake, a canyon, landscapes with meadows and woods – all this can be experienced on this mountain hike above the village of Valles. Variety is guaranteed!

By the funicular of Valles we go up to the Jochtal mountain top (2,000 m asl). From here we proceed lightly down to the Passo di Valles/Valler Jöchl (1,930 m asl) and further along the Rotenstein-high route. Past the timber line we walk to the Malga Rotenstein (mountain hut), the path crosses a few scree fields and leads us at the steep hill to the Peachenjöchl (secured). The already autumnally coloured heath combined with the gorgeous view until the Dolomites make us excited about this trail.

Now the path leads downhill to the Malga del Bue (Ochsenalm), then we follow the marker no. 18 towards the Malga Aschila. The path gets really steep now, up to the Malga Aschila and further up to the Lago di Marmo (Marblsee) which is located at 2,400 m asl on a plateau. A small high alpine jewel, the surrounding mountain peaks are reflected in the water. Our next goal is the descent to the Malga Pian di Làbes (mountain hut) which is a popular place to rest in summer. Here the wide path down to the valley starts, we walk through the canyon “Valler Schramme” to the Malga Fane (Fanealm). The well-known “village” of mountain huts offers even three open ones, so we have to stop off. Along the forest path we walk back to Valles where our beautiful tour, which guided us through a variety of landscapes of the Val di Valles, ends.

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Notice: If you would like to do this mountain hike please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Valles, mountain station funicular Jochtal
Markers: 9, 10, Rotenstein Höhenweg (high route), 18, 18A, 17
Experienced in: October 2013
Distance: approx. 16 km (in total)
Walking time: about 5 hours (in total)
Altitude difference: approx. 690 m ascent, 1,300 m descent
Altitude level: between 1,370 and 2,430 asl.
Notice: partly narrow but secured path at the scarp

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