Walk from Gudon to Tiso

Through the forests on the western slope of the Rasciesa to the sunny slope at the entrance of the Val di Funes. A tour recommendable above all in early autumn. Highlight is the mineral museum in the final destination of Tiso, exhibiting the famous geodes of Tiso.

September is almost drawing to a close and the sun that warms up the slopes is farm from being that warm as in high summer. Ideal for a walk down in the valley. We start in the centre of Gudon, a village enthroning a hill and belonging to the municipality of Chiusa. The village is a real gem and its charming location explains why it has already been settled in pre-historic periods.

The path no. 7 stretches through the forest and we follow the signpost to Mittermühl (signpost no. 2 and 2B). First we walk the way up, than back down to the valley basin of the Val di Funes. When the forest ends, we continue across meadows, up towards Tiso. These meadows and fruit orchards are sun-drenched, a fact that makes us sweat when walking up to the village.

After a short stop we would like to visit the highlight of this village, which is its mineral museum, exhibiting several exemplars of the famous geodes of Tiso. Fascinated by the mountain crystals that have been detected on local mountains, we decide to start our way back to Gudon.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: Gudon
Route: 5.5 km each direction
Signpost: 7, 2, 2B, 9
Altitiude difference: 590 m
Altitiude: 690 to 960 m asl
Walking time: 2 h each direction
Experienced: September 2011

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