Walk of the three pastures in Avelengo

An extended, but easy walking tour on the high plateau between Avelengo and Verano, leading us to the Malga Leadner, Malga di Verano and Wurzeralm.

This nice walking tour takes us about 14 km across forests and meadows in the south of Avelengo. Slightly above the village, in between of the green meadows, the path no. 16 branches off, leading us the way to the Malga Leadner. The wide path leads through the forest, then the way proceeds slightly downwards to the alpine pasture. After a short stop at the mountain hut, we proceed via the forested road, paralleling the path no. 11, to the Malga di Verano mountain hut. Now we walk the way up, from 1,500 m to 1,900 m a.s.l. If you would like to, you can also take the cut-off (path 11A).

Now we reach the highest point of the walk - the sun-drenched meadows of the Malga di Verano (possibility to stop for eating). The way back to Avelengo is a little shorter, as we walk along the path no. 2A across the forest. This circular route can be walked almost the whole year round, in winter it can be done as snow-shoe tour.

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Please note: Before you do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: Avelengo
Route: Avelengo - Malga Leadner - Malga di Verano - Wurzeralm - Avelengo
Signpost: no° 16, 11, 11A, 2
Altitude difference: about 690 m
Altitude: between 1,280 and 1,905 m
Length of the trail: about 13.8 km (entire trail)
Walking time: about 4 hours (entire round trail)
Experienced: May 2011

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