Alpine walk to the Rifugio Calciati al Tribulaun

The Rif. Calciati al Tribulaun is located in the southern Stubai Alps at 2,368 m asl, at the foot of the mighty rocks faces of the Tribulaun di Fleres.

As the weather is not too perfect today, we decide to do a tour to a mountain hut, in the impressive Val di Fleres valley. We drive to San Antonio, where we traverse the river on a bridge and go to the hamlet of Sasso/Stein, follow the road on the right, past the first parking space, and park on the second one at a bridge. From this place we walk on foot, first along the path no. 6 on the asphalted road.

Soon we reach another parking space, where we take the path no. 8 to the Rif. Tribulaun.
In zigzag the path stretches up the forest, in the open terrain we proceed towards right, past a waterfall (1,821 m). Soon we reach a wayside cross with possibility to stop. This is where the Tribulaun mountain should be visible in all its beauty, but today this mountain is rather befogged. We continue towards the mighty mountain and the enormous cirque at its foot, and follow the course of the flat valley on the left. This is where we encounter the first snow. After about 15 minutes of walking, we reach the Rif. Calciati al Tribulaun with its lake. At the mountain hut the fog clears and provides an impressive view on the local mountain of the Val di Fleres. For the way back we take the same route.

Indication: The Rif. Calciati al Tribulaun is also the base for several summit tours. From here you can also reach the Rifugio Cremona alla Stua, the Österreichisches Tribulaunhaus mountain hut as well as other places.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: parking space at the farmsteads of Sasso (Fleres di Dentro)
Route: parking space Sasso - Rif. Calciati al Tribulaun - parking space
Signposts: Wasserfallweg (waterfall trail), 6, 8
Altitude difference: 990 m
Route: about 12 km
Walking time: about 3 h
Experienced: September 2010
Family-friendly? only for children that are used to do mountain walking, above all impressive is the waterfall
Further information tourist office Colle Isarco, tel.: +39 0472 632372, email:

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