The Obere Erzstraße Path

The Obere Erzstraße path describes the route between Mareta and Masseria in the Val Ridanna valley where once the ore conveyor of the Monteneve Mine was located. A tip for a family hike in the Val Ridanna valley.

Our starting point is Mareta. At the parking space beneath the Wolfsthurn Castle we start first towards south-west, across the road and up the hill. After this quite demanding ascent along a narrow trail we reach the flat forest road, where the ore conveyor was located 100 years ago.

Boards inform about the former transport route, which was constructed in the 19th century. Comfortably we walk through the forest towards west, shortly before the village of Ento we cross the road of the Val Ridanna valley and continue until the village of Ridanna, always surrounded by meadows.

From here it’s not far anymore to Masseria and the Bergbauwelt Schneeberg Ridanna. A perfect opportunity to visit the famous museum. For our way back we take the same route or go by public bus.

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If you want to do this walking tour, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Mareta (village centre)
Destination: Bergbauwelt Schneeberg Ridanna near Masseria
Markers: Obere Erzstraße
Distance: approx. 10.5 km each direction
Walking time: about 3.5 hours each direction
Altitude difference: approx. 550 m
Altitude level: between 1,040 and 1,420 m asl.
Experienced in: October 2013

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