Walk from Barbiano to Tre Chiese

The sanctuary of Tre Chiese near Barbiano is one of the most beautiful ensebles of South Tyrol and therefore a popular excursion destination.

From the centre of Barbiano, past the distinctive inclined church steeple of the S. Giacomo church, we proceed in northern direction, following the signposts 3 and 11 across meadows into the forest. This is where a keep fit trail starts, whose course we follow to the sports fields. Then we take a forested path the way up. The ascent is not difficult and only the last steps before reaching our destination is to be considered steep. After about one hour of walking we reach the walking destination at 1,120 m asl. The three chapels that can also be visited are a real gem in the middle of a meadow covered by flowers and make this place a very special excursion destination.

Bagni Tre Chiese is also a place for wallowers. There are three taverns for appeasing your appetite, making your walk also a culinary delight. For the way back, we take the path no 6, stretching to the south and across the forest, afterwards we proceed on the asphalted road that makes us reach the village. If you would like to see a little more, can follow the path no. 6 and walk to the upper waterfall, a lovely natural monument.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about current conditions on site.

Starting point: Barbiano (parish church)
Signposts: 11, 3, Dreikirchen/Tre Chiese, 6
Length of the route: 6 km (total)
Walking time: 1.5 to 2 hours (entire trail)
Altitude difference: 330 m
Altitude: from 840 to 1,120 m asl
Experienced: May 2011
Best period: spring to autumn
Family-friendly? Yes. Also with prams, the last stage is rather steep, however.
Further information: tourist office Barbiano, tel. +39 0471 654 411

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