“Egetmann” Carnival Parade in Termeno

Every odd year, the traditional Egetmann Carnival Parade, one of the craziest Carnival customs in South Tyrol, takes place in Termeno.

Every second year (in uneven years), several weeks and even months before the 6th January, the first day of Carnival in Tyrol, the village of Termeno prepares for its famous Egetmann Carnival Parade. According to a very old local custom, only males may participate.

The so-called “Egetmann-Hansl“ (a puppet) heads the parade with a real (male!) bride. The two are followed by many different characters, among those also the famous “Schnappviecher”, some scary furry animals. Don’t miss this very special event, you will be delighted!

Pictures by kind permission of www.egetmann.com!

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