Circular Walk to Planatsch in Autumn

This little circular walk leads us from Vilpiano in the Val d’Adige valley to the farms at the slope of the Monzoccolo mountain (Tschöggelberg). In autumn the best time for this walking tour is the early afternoon, when the sun shines warm.

In the north of the village of Vilpiano the valley station of the cable car up to Meltina (bus stop and parking space) is located, where our autumnal walking tour starts. We walk through the village, past the church, cross the bridge over the Meltina Creek and take the path no. 18 towards Planatsch, which branches off on the left-hand side from the main road. Immediately a steep ascent starts. Over a short distance we have to manage 200 m in altitude, through the open autumnal forest we climb up to Planatsch, a sunny hamlet at 500 m asl., characterized by fruit- and wine-growing.

We continue our walk to the Scholhöfe farms along an asphalt road. It proceeds over a chain bridge across the gorge of the Meltina Creek, below we can see the waterfall of Vilpiano. At the Scholhöfe farms we take the path no. 1 and walk downhill towards the valley station of the cable car. A bit of caution should be exercised at the steeper sections because the fallen leaves make the trail slippery. For this nice autumnal walk you should plan about two hours.

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If you want to do this walking tour, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Vilpiano (valley station of the cable car)
Route: Vilpiano – Planatsch – Scholhöfe farms – Vilpiano
Distance: approx. 5 km (in total)
Walking time: approx. 2 hours (in total)
Altitude difference: 290 m
Altitude level: between 250 and 560 m asl.
Experienced in: November 2015

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