Family walk to the Lago Göller

Across the forest to the viewpoint “Rotwand” and the famous Lago Göller lake near Aldino.

Our walk starts in the village of Burgstall, about 1 km from the village of Aldino, at the tavern Gasthaus Aldeiner Hof. We follow the forested road across the mixed forest, following the signpost “R”, leading us to the panoramic viewpoint “Rotwand” in a walk of 30 minutes. From this place you have a great view of the Bassa Atesina. In the very south, there is the Monte Bondone and the still snow-covered Paganella, and we can also admire the Mendola mountain range with Roen and Penegal, in the background there are the mountains of the Val d’Ultimo. Down in the valley, there is Caldaro and the village of Ora.

After admiring this scenery, we walk to the Lago Göller. This beautiful, little mountain lake is a natural jewel at about 1,100 m. Now, in spring, there is hardly anybody around, while in summer this is a rather well-frequented place. We walk round this beautiful lake and choose a nice place on the porphyry rocks, where we eat our packed lunch. This was rather a promenade than a walk, but also kids and dogs are happy about staying under the open sky. Ideal from spring to autumn.

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Starting point: Burgstall near Aldino (Aldeiner Hof)
Route: Burgstall - Rotwand - Lago Göller - Burgstall
Signpost: 17, R, Göllersee
Length of the trail: about 5 km
Walking time: about 1.5 h (total)
Altitude difference: about 170 m
Altitude: 1,040 to 1,120 m asl
Experienced: May 2011
Family-friendly? yes, except the last stage to the viewpoint the path is also ideal for buggies

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