Hiking tour from Trodena to the Cislon mountain hut

Hiking around the 1,570 metres high Mount Cislon in the Monte Corno nature park, enjoying beautiful panoramic views.

We start our hiking tour in the centre of the village Trodena and follow trail no. 1, which leads on an asphalted and later very steep road towards the Cislon mountain hut. After about 45 minutes of walking, we finally arrive at the Cislon mountain hut, which is surrounded by beautiful green meadows and offers great views of the Bassa Atesina and Mount Mendola.

After a short rest at the Cislon mountain hut, we follow trail no. 2, which leads us first towards north, later towards east, through the forest. At a sharp right bend, the narrow trail no. 2A branches off to Mount Cucul (Hochwand).

This section leads along the steep cliffs of Mount Cucul and is not accessible for prams. In fact, this is the most difficult section of our hiking tour. However, it offers great views of the area around Aldeno and Nova Ponente as well as of Mount Mendola. Finally, a broad paved road leads us back to Trodena, where our hiking round tour ends.

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Please note: When you plan to do this hiking tour, please inform yourselves on the conditions of the trails!

Starting point: Trodena (centre)
Trail route: Trodena - Cislon mountain hut - Mount Cucul - Trodena
Trail numbers: 1, 2, 2A
Length: 8.5 km
Walking time: approx. 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 410 metres
Altitudes: 1,160 - 1,410 metres
Experienced in: August 2010
Suitable for families? Yes, especially the section from Trodena to the Cislon mountain hut.
More information: tourist board Trodena, tel. +39 0471 869 078

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