Hiking from the Monticolo lakes to the Wilder Mann Buehel

Autumn hike across the forest of Monticolo to the famous viewpoint at the Monte di Mezzo of Appiano.

November has coloured the broad-leaf forest with a multitude of blazing colours, slowly also the leaves start falling from the trees. What we decided to do today is a last promenade across the forest of Monticolo to soak up the warming sun-rays before the colder season gets started. From the parking space at the large lake of Monticolo we walk along the lake, before we start following the trail n° 1 towards Ponte d’Adige. Along the road we can see that nature starts preparing for the winter season. The slight altitude difference and the broad trails make our excursion in this charming autumn landscape a pleasant promenade.

However, the last passage is rather steep and rough. First the trail narrows, then it gets rough, afterwards the 650 m high hill must be scaled, that provides a great view on the area of S. Paolo up to Merano and surroundings. The Wilder Mann Buehel is covered by remnants of settlements dating back to prehistoric times. Stone pyramids made of red porphyry have been established in this place. After a break we decide to return, adding a walk round the lakes of Monticolo to our journey back. There are no more guests for bathing, but there are some blue damselflies and other dragonflies, as well as a natural gem that reflects the coloured autumn forest.

Please note: If you would like to do this walk, inform yourselves about the current hiking conditions on the spot.

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Starting point: parking space lake of Monticolo
Trail: Monticolo - Wilder Mann Bühel - lakes of Monticolo
Signposts: 1a, 1
Lenght of the trail: about 8 km (incl. Walk round the lake)
Walking time: about 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: about 250 m
Altitude: 500 to 650 m
Experienced: November 2010
Family-friendly? Yes, but the last passage up to the Wilder Mann Buehel is not suitable for prams.
Further information: for further information don’t hesitate to ask your host

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