Walk across the alpine pastures of Aldino

Walking tour to the well-liked alpine pastures of Aldino (Aldein) on the Monte Regolo (Regglberg).

The higher located part of the Monte Regolo below the Corno Bianco mountain (Weißhorn) in the district of Aldino is ideal for extensive walks. In the center of the alpine meadows mountain huts and guest houses offer the possibility to take a rest. Today we chose the area “Lerch” above of Aldino being our starting point, where we leave our car. At the small chapel the ascent starts (marker no. 8) until the crossing with the path no. 11A, which we climb up towards east, later on we follow the path no. 15 to the Malga bel riposo (Schönrast-Alm mountain hut).

The forest path is comfortable to walk, at the next fork we keep right (no. 2A), like this we reach the Lahneralm mountain hut which is located near the geological path and the visitors’ center of the Geoparc Bletterbach.The Lahneralm is perfect for a rest before we keep on walking along the Gorzsteig path towards the Schmieder-Alm mountain hut. This mountain hut is the last one on our circular walk. Along the path no. 15 we walk downwards and take the forest road again to come back to “Larch”, our starting point. This last part of the tour offers gorgeous views on the Corno Bianco (Weißhorn) and the Corno Nero (Schwarzhorn).

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Notice: If you want to do this walking tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Lerch (above Aldino)
Route: Lerch - Schönrast Alm- Lahner Alm - Schmieder Alm - Lerch
Markers: 8, 11A, 15, 2A, 15
Distance: 8.8 km
Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 500 m
Altitude level: 1,390 – 1,850 m asl.
Experienced in: end of May 2010 (ideal also in summer)
Family-friendly? Yes! The paths are recommendable for each hiker and mostly suitable for push chairs.
Further information: tourist association Aldino, phone: +39 0471 886 800

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