Walk from Bronzolo to Aldino

Walk along the ancient line of communication that about 50 years ago still used to be the main connection to the mountain village of Aldino.

Once upon a time, when there has not yet been an asphalted road to Aldino, the main line of communication for the mountain village used to be a carriage trail through the gorge of the Aldino river. This path has almost fallen in oblivion, until a new trail has been built. A time travel, back to a period in which the German-speaking inhabitants of Aldino had a strong relationship to the mainly Italian-speaking inhabitants of Bronzolo. Goods were transported up and down the mountain village and every day many people used to walk this route in order to get to the physician, to work, shopping or to the city. Unbelievable, from our point of view today.

From the parish church of Bronzolo, we take the Via Marconi (and the traffic lights at the state road) up to the Aldino road. Past the sports fields the stone-flagged carriage trail starts, that stretches up the valley. There are wider and narrower sections, but it is continuously well-groomed. There are also some rocky stages, first through the leaflet forest, then across dark pine forests, along the river. Following the signpost no. 6, we take the right in a curve. A short stage the way up, and behind trees, there is a meadow and the church steeple of Aldino, the ancient centre of which is located on a hill.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: Bronzolo (parish church)
Signposts: 6, to Aldino, Aldein
Length of the route: 6 km (each direction)
Walking time: about 3 hours (the way up)
Altitude difference: 990 m
Altitude: from 240 to 1,220 m asl
Experienced: May 2011
Best period: spring, autumn, not too hot summer days
Indication: alternative route back to Bronzolo by bus via Ora possible
Further information: TV Laives Bronzolo Vadena, tel. +39 0471 950 420

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