International Gewürztraminer Symposion

The Gewürztraminer Festival and the Gewürztraminer Wine and Walking Day offer information about the golden wine.

Orange-reddish are the grapes growing on the vines. Some say they look fairly strange, but their taste… is simply unique. Once they are picked and carefully filled into bottles they result in a sweet, fruity wine. Gewürztraminer wines have got their name from their home town Termeno (Tramin, in German) and are known on an international level.

During the symposium merchants, wine-growers and experts from all over the world united for years in Rechtenthal Castle in Termeno. At the moment, the event is not held but there are two other interesting events completely dedicated to the golden wine grown in Termeno.

The Gewürztraminer Festival in July presents various wineries and wine-growing estates in the historic district of Termeno, furthermore summer dishes are served and live music entertains young and old. The Gewürztraminer Wine and Walking Day in May, however, invites to a walk in the vineyards around Termeno, with wine tasting sessions in the local wineries.

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