Walk to the Laghi Gelati lakes

Walking along the rushing Rio Scaleres to the Laghi Gelati lakes at the foot of the Kühberg mountain.

The Laghi Gelati lakes are located in the rear Valle di Scaleres. In the background of these lakes, there are lushly green meadows and the Kühberg mountain. In order to reach the starting pint, we need to overcome some km on a narrow mountain road by car, from Scaleres we proceed towards the head of this valley, until we reach the hikers’ parking space. This is where we start on foot, following the signpost “Laghi Gelati/Schrüttenseen”, along the Rio Scalers river.

We follow the course of the rushing mountain river that refreshes the air and diverts our attention from the path. The fog makes the forest a rather mystical place. We traverse the Rio Scaleres on a little bridge and proceed on the trail, following the signposts. The path is rather steep and also slippery due to the heavy rainfall of the last days.

Along the path there are even some treats for our palate - wild strawberries and blackberries sweeten our walk. We reach a little meadow, ideal for a break, then we continue through the less dense forest. After about 20 more minutes we reach the large one of the lakes (1,970 m). The smaller one is only a three-minutes’ walk away. The fog clears and makes us admire the green mountain lakes. The lakeside is ideal for a picnic. After lunch we decide to start our walk back, along the same route.

Indication: nice walk for fot days, as the Rio Scaleres provides refreshment in the forest. The trail is rather shady but steep. On hot summer days you could even dare to do a jump into the cool waters of the lake.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: Hikers’ parking space Scalers (close to the Steinwendthof farm, 1,470 m)
Signpost: 13
Walking time: about 3 hours
Altitude difference: about 500 m
Experienced: August 2011
Family-friendly? only for kids that are really used to do mountain tours, as the way up is rather steep. .
Further information: tourist office Varna/Novacella, tel.: +39 0472 837470

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