The Dolomites, part of the southern Limestone Alps, are characterised by rugged and bizarre rock formations and can harken back on a 200-million-year long history.

The world-famous mountain group of the Dolomites belongs to the five Italian provinces South Tyrol, Trentino, Belluno, Udine and Pordenone.

Bizarre rocks and majestic peaks characterise the Dolomites, also referred to as “Pale Mountains”, or “Monti Pallidi” in Italian language. At sunset they appear in a red light, which is an amazing natural spectacle. However, due to the beauty and special geology, which gives an insight into several different stages of the history of earth, the Dolomite mountains have officially been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list on June 26, 2009.

Another characteristic is its abrupt alternation of bizarre rocks and gentle meadows. Moreover the Dolomites are perfect for alpine sports such as mountaineering and hiking. There are for instance ten different long-distance hiking trails snaking in this mountain group.

Highest peak: Mt. Marmolada (3,342 m a.s.l.), first ascent on August 3, 1802, by Don Giovanni Costadedòi, Don Giuseppe Terza and Don Tommaso Pezzei
Major subgroups: Sella Group, Catinaccio, Puez Group, Odle Group, Sciliar, Latemar Group, Braies Dolomites, Sesto Dolomites
Area: South Tyrol, Trentino, Belluno, Udine, Pordenone (all of them in Italy)

  1. Three Peaks of Lavaredo

    Three Peaks of Lavaredo

    The Three Peaks of Lavaredo are considered to be the most striking rocks of the…
  2. Fanes Group

    Fanes Group

    The Fanes mountain group is well-known for the legends about the “Realm of the Fanes”.
  3. Odle Group

    Odle Group

    Between the Val di Funes and the Val Gardena valleys, in the heart of the eponymous…
  4. Sassolungo Group

    Sassolungo Group

    The Sassolungo Group is situated between the Val Gardena and Val di Fassa valleys,…
  5. Latemar Group

    Latemar Group

    The Latemar Group is a mountain range which extends in the south of Mt. Catinaccio,…
  6. Luson Mountains

    Luson Mountains

    The Luson Mountains in the Valle Isarco valley extend until the Passo delle Erbe…
  7. Putia Group

    Putia Group

    The 2,875 m high Sass de Putia gives its name to this mountain group, which is…
  8. Braies Dolomites

    Braies Dolomites

    Lake Braies, the Prato Piazza high plateau and the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park…
  9. Puez Group

    Puez Group

    The Passo Gardena mountain pass (2,121 m a.s.l.) separates the Puez Group in the…
  10. Catinaccio Group

    Catinaccio Group

    The Catinaccio Group is a 8 km long massif, located between Mt. Sciliar in the…
  11. Sciliar Massif

    Sciliar Massif

    The emblem of South Tyrol, the 2,563 m high Sciliar, immediately grabs the…
  12. Sella Group

    Sella Group

    The Sella Group is situated in the east of Mt. Sassolungo and in the north of the…

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