Peasant wedding in Castelrotto

The traditional peasant wedding is held yearly in January in Castelrotto.

In this occasion several sleighs run from S. Valentino through the snow to Castelrotto. There are 17 couples, among them the bridal pair, the marriage witnesses, the parents, the neighbours and many more. All of them show up in traditional dresses, called “Trachten”, which are definitely worth seeing.

After the run there is the wedding feast. Farmers cook typical marriage specialities from the past. There you can taste some pasta with ragout of venison, typical cheese and meat and of course the bridal bread, the sweat poppy Krapfen. Dance to the music with the bridal pair!

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Schgaguler

    Hotel Schgaguler

  2. Haus Sabina
    Bed & breakfast

    Haus Sabina

  3. Haus Lohengrin

    Haus Lohengrin

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