Merano WineFestival

The best wines worldwide and delicacies - the WineFestival in Merano has a firm place in calendars of sommeliers and gourmets.

The Merano WineFestival is considered one of the most exclusive events in the world of wine, presenting the best wines selected by a degustation committee from hundreds of producers in the world. The highlights are the Catwalk Champagne with more than 30 champagne varieties and “The Circle” - the presentation of stories of wine, people, lands and experiences - as well as the Spirits Experience Area dedicated to spirits, liqueurs, vermouth and bitters.

In the frame of this event in Merano (Meran) also the Culinaria, a delicatessen festival dedicated to authentic flavours, takes place. You can taste the culinary delights that are offered along a course, and get some information regarding storage and production by the producers.

The most beautiful locations of the spa town offer the worthy frame for the event. The Kurhaus has become a distinctive hallmark of the WineFestival since its first edition in 1992, whereas a 1,200 sqm large tent-construct along the Passirio Promenade hosts the GourmetArena. At the Piazza della Rena square there are hourly show cookings, and the Hotel Therme offers Wine Masterclasses. The original three-day festival in November has been extended to six days.

Suggested accommodations

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