On the Alta Via d’Appiano to Buchwald

Hike of medium difficulty on the slopes of the Mendola with a view to the Dolomites.

At the Steinegger (650 m) in the west of S. Michele, our tour starts. First we have to walk up at an altitude of almost 1,000 m asl in order to reach the Alta Via d’Appiano. There are two possibilities: either the easier, but longer trail via Masaccio, or the shorter and more challenging tour at the forested trail of Furglau. We decide for the latter option. Finally we reach the crossing where the two routes join, directly under a debris cone at the riverside. Now we proceed towards north, with modest ascent. Further on the trail proceeds even downwards.

What is particularly impressive regarding this tour are the views on the villages of Appiano and Bolzano, in the background the Dolomites. The trail n°9 meets the parallel forested road, at the next crossing we follow the signposts to Buchwald instead of heading for Gaido. Finally it is high time to make a lunch break: at the Buchwald tavern, the one and only tavern far and wide. It is by the way located in the heart of a colourful flower meadow at the foot of the Monte Ganda. After lunch we enjoy the view, before we proceed. On the trail 546 we reach a bar (short before reaching the road to Predonico), where we take the S. Valentino trail (8B), returning to the Steinegger. This is where we have further possibilities to enjoy a great view on Appiano.

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Please note: If you would like to do this tour, inform yourselves about the current hiking conditions on the spot.

Starting point: Gasthof Steinegger
Signpost: 540, Forstweg Furglau, 9, Alta Via d’Appiano, 10, Buchwald, 546, 8B, St. Valentin Forstweg
Walking time: about 3.5 hours
Lenght of the trail: about 8.5 km
Experience: May 2011
Altitude difference: about 500 metres
Altitude: about 610 to 1,030 m
Further information: for further information don’t hesitate to ask your host

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