Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride

Riding and celebrating in the pretty Sciliar region

Oswald von Wolkenstein actually was one of the most famous medieval troubadours ever. He was born in far away 1367 in Trostburg Castle in Ponte Gardena. At the age of 9 he unfortunately lost his right eye and thus got a slightly strange look. But soon he became known even beyond the regional border. For several years he traveled the world as a troubadour and consultant of kings and emperors. Finally he came back home to the Hauenstein Castle in the Sciliar region.

It was in 1983 that for the first time a horse show was organised in honour of this great man. Even though people didn’t seem too interested in the show in the beginnings, its popularity has steadily increased in the course of the years. Nowadays, the riders even have to pass a qualifying in order to be able to participate in the show.

Those visiting the Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride can look forward to a stunning combination of lovely sceneries, folkloric events and thrilling shows.

So see you there in early June!

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