Winter walk to the Alpe di Nemes

From S. Giuseppe/Sesto to the Alpe di Nemes mountain hut and the Passo Monte Croce - a sunny winter walk along the Carnic mountain ridge, with a great view on the Dolomites.

The village of S. Giuseppe with its small but mighty San Giuseppe church is located in the south of the main village of Sesto (S. Vito), along the road to the Monte Croce mountain pass. This is where our winter tour starts. From the village centre, we walk up the Via Nemes, which already on the edge of the forest transforms into a snow trail. Steadily walking uphill, the villages in the valley can be observed from above, including also the entrance to the Val Fiscalina, in the backdrop the so-called “sundial of Sesto” (a natural mountain sundial composed of five Dolomite mountains), with the Croda Rossa and the Punta dei Tre Scarperi.

The wide trail stretches along the sun-drenched mountain slope for several kilometres, after some bends we reach the snow-covered meadows on the edge of the Sausbeerwald forest. Only a short walk is left to reach the Alpe di Nemes mountain hut, located at 1,900 m a.s.l. In this deeply snow-capped scenery, the Monte Quaternà mountain rises like a pyramid.

For descending, we take the route to the Passo Monte Croce mountain pass, which approximately takes us one hour, that is to say half of the time we needed to walk up to the mountain hut. From the mountain pass, we take the bus to get back to S. Giuseppe.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves in advance about the current conditions.

Starting point: Sesto/S. Giuseppe (centre)
Route: S. Giuseppe - Alpe di Nemes - Passo Monte Croce
Signposts: Nemesweg, 13, 131
Experienced: January 2014
Length of the route: about 10,5 km
Walking time: about 3.5 hours (total)
Altitude difference: about 610 m way up, 290 m way down
Altitude: between 1,350 and 1,890 m asl
Indication: regular bus service from Passo Monte Croce to Sesto and back
Alternative for the way down: from the Alpe di Nemes via the Malga Coltrondo mountain hut (paths no. 156 and 149) to the Passo Monte Croce, additional 75 minuntes of walking

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