Winter walk Watles

On the edge of a little skiing area in the west of Malles, a winter walking trail takes you to the summit of the Piz Watles, providing great panoramic views on the Oetztal Alps and the Passo Resia.

Starting point for our walk is the lower terminus of the Watles skiing area in the mountain village of Pramajur (on the road from Burgusio to Slingia) From the parking space we follow the road back to the Pramajur farmsteads, where we stop for coffee and cake at the Kastellatz, before we really start our tour. Following the signpost no. 2B, we walk over the snow-covered meadow up to the larch forest. Soon the path joins the well-groomed winter walking trail to the Höfer Alm mountain hut. Short before reaching the mountain hut, we need to walk a short stage along the ski run, then again across a short stage in the forest, and finally we reach the centre of the Watles skiing area at the Plantapatsch mountain hut (2,140 m).

From this path the place continues to the 2,550 m high Piz Watles peak. We decide, however, to walk back from the Plantapatsch mountain hut. Otherwise you could walk to the highest point, which would take you about 90 additional minutes for the 3 km, each direction. By the way: the mountain station of the Watles chair lifts are within easy reach, if you would like to take the lift for the way back.

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If you would like to do this winter walk, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site. It is recommendable to start this walk in the morning, as the slopes are sun-drenched at that time.

Starting point: Pramajur (valley station Watles)
Signpost: 2B, 3, Winterwanderweg (winter walking trail)
Experienced: February 2014
Length of the trail: about 3.8 km each direction (Pramajur-Plantapatsch); 6.5 km each direction (Pramajur-Piz Watles)
Walking time: about 90 minutes each direction (Pramajur-Plantapatsch), 3 h each direction (Pramajur-Piz Watles)
Altitude difference: about 420 m (Pramajur-Plantapatsch), 830 m (Pramajur-Piz Watles)
Altitude: between 1,750 and 2,140 m asl (Pramajur-Plantapatsch), 2,550 m (Pramajur-Piz Watles).

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