Cattle drive

The return of the cattle is a colourful event in autumn which every year attracts people from all over.

When the cattle returns from mountain pastures, people in South Tyrol celebrate. During this event, called Almabtrieb in German, cows, sheep, goats and horses return into their stables. Especially the cows are decorated with alpine flowers, mirrors and bells. Moreover the farmers provide you with crullers and different other local specialities.

As you might notice, the return of the cattle is a real event, which heralds the start of the cold season. Of course there are also traditional music, folk dance, the traditional “Schuhplattler” and the “Goasslschnöller”. Visit the “Schofschoad” (return of the sheep) in the Val Senales, the cattle drive in Santa Geltrude in the Ultimo valley or come to the Renon high plateau when the Haflinger horses come back from alpine pastures.

By the way: did you know that the ancient tradition of the transhumance, how it is celebrated also in the Val Senales, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List?

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