Winter promenade railway line Val di Fiemme

The sun-drenched promenade along the former railway line of the Val di Fiemme near Montagna is ideal for a winter walk, no matter if there is snow or not.

Not only in spring or autumn, but also in winter you can do a walk along the terraced landscape near Pinzano above the Val d’Adige, ideal for enjoying the sun. The course is located at about 500 m a.s.l., so snow is rather rare, as we also discovered in our walk.

Ideal starting point is the parking space at the Via Bartholomeo road directly underneath the centre of Montagna. We walk towards south, past the former station building of the abandoned Val di Fiemme railway line. At the crossing with the Via Pinzano road, on the opposite side of the road there is the signpost “Bahnweg”, leading us towards the wide and gently ascending path. We walk across vineyards and enjoy the great view on the Val d’Adige, from the Chiusa di Salorno to the environs of Merano. The valley is slightly befogged, but the panorama on the surroundings is just great.

A viaduct takes to a wide bend, before the path continues to north towards Doladizza. Right after the hairpin bend, there is a junction of paths, on the right there is the path to Glen, while the path on the left takes down to Pinzano - after a short but steep path the way down we reach the beautiful village centre. On the Pinzano road and the Kaltegg-Weg path we return to the parking space in Montagna, our starting point.

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Starting point: Montagna (parking space)
Signpost: 4B, Bahnweg, 1, 5
Experienced: December 2012
Length of the trail: about 4.5 km
Walking time: about 90 minutes
Altitude difference: about 180 m
Altitude difference: between 410 and 560 m asl
Indication: especially sun-drenched in the afternoon
Variants: After the curve on the railway line path (Bahnweg), continue towards Doladizza (each direction about 90 minutes or additional 4 km), or from Pinzano to Castelfeder (path no. 5, then no. 4) in order to make this tour a circular tour (total 60 minutes longer, or additional 3 km).

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