Winter walk to the pastures of Eores

Pleasant tour on the southern slopes of the Plose to the pastures between Eores and the Passo delle Erbe mountain pass.

From Bressanone to S. Andrea and further on to Eores, this is how we come to reach the “Brixner Skihütte”, the starting point of our snow walk. It is located at about 1,900 m a.s.l., at the lower terminus of the chairlifts of the Plose mountain.

We follow the trail n°8 in eastern direction, first slightly upwards across the forest. Soon we reach the sun-drenched southern slopes of the pastures of Eores. A beautiful area at about 2,000 m a.s.l., characterized by pine forests, wide areas and a fantastic view of the Sasso Putia and the Odle di Eores mountains.

Past the Schatzerhütte mountain hut and later past the Enzianhütte mountain hut, after about 4 km the path becomes a little more narrow and is less beaten. Up to this point we did not need to wear snow-shoes. As we are already satisfied with the way we did so far, we decide to walk back to the starting point on the same route. The view and the walking conditions make this tour a pleasant experience.

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Indication: If you plan to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current snow and weather conditions.

Starting point: parking space Brixner Skihütte, Eores (can also be reached by bus from Bressanone)
Course of the track: Brixner Skihütte - Schatzerhütte - Enzianhütte - [Passo delle Erbe]
Signposts: n°8, 4 and 9
Length of the track: about 4.5 km each direction
Walking time: about 1.5 hours each direction
Altitude difference: 170 m (from 1,890 to 2,050 m)
Experienced: December 2012

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