Sarentino Alps

Like a horseshoe, the mountain chain of the Sarentino Alps surrounds the Val Sarentino in the heart of South Tyrol - it can be explored on the Horseshoe Tour within seven days.

Really high mountains can only be found in the north, an area which nearly resembles a high mountain region. Towards south the mountains of the Sarentino Alps bottom out and form large plateaus, like the Monte Zoccolo (Tschögglberg, in German) in the west, the Alpe di Villandro in the east and the Renon high plateau in the south, characterised by the Corno del Renon. The highest mountains are the Corno Bianco (2,705 m asl), Corno di Tramin (2,708 m asl), Cima di San Cassiano and Grande Ivigna (both 2,581 m asl).

The boundaries of the Sarentino Alps are the Adige and Isarco rivers, the Val Passiria near Merano and the Passo Giovo. The street leading from Vipiteno to Bolzano via Passo di Pennes devides the Sarentino Alps into an eastern and a western part. Worth mentioning are particularly two characteristics of the Sarentino Alps: the earth pillars on the Renon as well as the pilgrimage church at the Santa Croce di Lazfons, situated at notable 2,311m asl and therefor one of the highest located pilgrimage sites of South Tyrol.

With 40,000 hectares, the Sarentino Alps would be the largest nature park in South Tyrol, which might include the localities of Sarentino, Renon, Avelengo, Verano, Meltina, San Genesio, Racines, Campo di Trens, Fortezza, Varna, Bressanone, Velturno, Chiusa, Villandro and Barbiano. All requirements have already been fulfilled and a protected area has been planned.

Highest peak: Punta Cervina (2,781 m asl)
Major mountains: Corno Bianco, Corno di Tramin, Corno del Renon, Cima di San Cassiano, Mt Pascolo, Picco Ivigna
Area: South Tyrol (Italy)

  1. Picco Ivigna

    Picco Ivigna

    A remarkable panoramic mountain high above Merano is the Grande Ivigna, also called…
  2. Punta Cervina

    Punta Cervina

    The 2,781 m high Punta Cervina is the highest peak of the Sarentino Alps.
  3. Corno Bianco

    Corno Bianco

    The Corno Biano, also known as “Sarner Weisshorn”, is located in the northern part…
  4. Corno del Renon

    Corno del Renon

    Also the highest peak of the Renon high plateau, the Corno del Renon, is part of…
  5. Mount Villandro

    Mount Villandro

    The slopes of the 2,509 m high Mt Villandro descend to the Val Sarentino and to the…

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Sambergerhof: Autumn in South Tyrol

    Autumn in South Tyrol

    Autumn in South Tyrol

    from 10/08/17 to 11/05/17
    4 nights from 300 € per person
  2. Hotel Falzeben: Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Mountain Advent in Merano, at the hotel Falzeben

    Avelengo - Falzeben - Merano 2000
    from 12/16/17 to 12/23/17
    7 nights from 658 € per person

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