Winter walk to Sant’Elena in Val d’Ultimo

Pleasant winter walk to the famous pilgrimage site above San Pancrazio in the Val d’Ultimo valley.

The little church of Sant’Elena is located on the sunny side of the valley. A good opportunity to catch the few sun-rays of this day. From S. Valburga we drive up the road to the Monte Mariol, up to the Bergfried farm, at the junction with the road to Innerdurach.

We walk along the little asphalted road, past the beautiful farmsteads of this area, all preserved in their origins. From the road we are able to enjoy the great view on the mountains of the valley, including the Monte Luco. We follow the indication no. 5 (St. Helena) that leads us along the road for a while and into the forest further on. On a snow-covered path we retrace deer, European hares and other small animals.

After a 90-minutes’ walk we reach Sant’Elena and its church, representing the centre of a romantic ensemble of buildings. After a visit to the church, we stop at the nearby Helenerpichl tavern for a drink, before we walk back on the same route.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions in advance.

Starting point: S. Valburga/Val d’Ultimo, junction Mariolberg/Innerdurach (Bergfried)
Destination: Sant’Elena
Signpost: St. Helena, 5
Altitude difference: 290 m
Altitude: 1,340 m - 1,550 m a.s.l.
Length of the track: 5 km (each direction)
Walking time: about 1.5 hours each direction)

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